3 Ways To Stay WYRED

You inspire us just by being here so let’s get you all WYRED up!

Here’s how you can stay connected during your Ynspiration weekend.


Only 75 spots per Zoom session available. Registration required.

To create a space of meaningful connections, we hope for our zoom live sessions to be a cosy sharing space. This is why there are very limited seats up for grabs.

It’s simple.


“Darn it, I couldn’t get a seat!”

Not to worry, you can still join us through the livestream here, on youtube or facebook. Mark it on your calendar.

Connect, inspire and interact with the speakers through the comments section.


Not able to attend a session in another timezone?

Want to rewatch a session to catch golden nuggets of wisdom? Bingewatch WYRED on demand.

All session recordings can be accessed here.

Take your pick, stay wyred and ynspired!